Murdoch University Kendo Club


Anniversary Cup

Date : Thursday 24 October 2013
Venue : International School of WA, City Beach

Last Thursday the Anniversary Cup was held at the International School of WA. It is an Open Individuals competition that originally started on the 21st anniversary of WAKR in 2007, and the trophy cup was donated by Ado Ogawa-sensei (kyoshi 7dan).


  • First Place : Anthony Tilbury (Murdoch)
  • Second Place : Bernard Yehuda (Murdoch)
  • Equal Third : Susan Bonar (Goshinkai)
  • Equal Third : Junior Askew (Murdoch)

Good to see three Murdoch players in the top 4 placements, as well as very good attendance overall.

Murdoch University Sports Awards

Date : Friday, 18 October 2013
Venue : Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle

Last week Murdoch University hosted a sports awards presentation night. Junior Askew was nominated for the Maroon Award (Sportsperson of the Year), but ultimately received the Full Blue Award. Nelson Chow received the Club Service Award. Our club has previously received the same two awards in 2010 and 2011.

UniGames Results

Date : Saturday 28 September - Friday 4 October 2013
Venue : Gold Coast, Queensland

2013 MUKC UniGames Team. Tamura-sensei not included.

This year's UniGames team went on a successful campaign, securing third place in the Open Teams event, as well as a Green & Gold Medal for Junior Askew.

Beginners' Shiai and Shinpan Seminar

Date : Saturday 8 June, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
Venue : SungMoon Kendo Club, Karawara

2013 Beginners' Shiai and Shinpan Seminar

This year's Beginners' Shiai and Shinpan Seminar was held at Master Lim's new dojo, SungMoon Gwan, under the direction of Brian Brestovac-sensei.

Kyu Grading

Date : Saturday 25 May, 3pm - 5pm
Venue : Sakura Kendo Club, City Beach

Results for Murdoch

  • S.Y. Chew : 2kyu
  • J. Askew : 2kyu
  • K. Gillam : 3kyu
  • A. Yap : 3kyu
  • C. McKnight : 4kyu
  • S. McNeill : 5kyu

Congratulations to all successful applicants.

38th Australian Kendo Championships

Date : Friday, 29 March - Wednesday, 3 April 2013
Venue : Brickpit Sports Stadium, Sydney, New South Wales

2013 WA Kendo Championships - Murdoch club
Photo by Chris Barbé.



  • Open Individuals - 3rd place: A. Tilbury (Murdoch)
  • Fighting Spirit Award: M. Fenn (Murdoch)


  • 4dan : J. Suzuki (Goshinkai)
  • 4dan : W. Yoo (Goshinkai)
  • 3dan : B. Yehuda (Murdoch)
  • Shodan: E. Ng (Goshinkai)
  • Shodan : N. Chow (Murdoch)
  • Shodan : O. O'Brien (Murdoch)

WA State Championships

Date : Sunday, 10 March 2013, 8am - 2pm
Venue : Curtin University Stadium

2013 WA Kendo Championships - Murdoch club


Kyu Individuals

  • 1st place : G. McFadden (Goshinkai)
  • 2nd place : O. O'Brien (Murdoch)

Women's Individuals

  • 1st place : A. O'Brien (Murdoch)
  • 2nd place : M. Fenn (Murdoch)

Open Individuals

  • 1st place : T. Hayashi (Goshinkai)
  • 2nd place : A. Tilbury (Murdoch)

Kata Pairs

  • 1st place : Goshinkai (C. Babb & S. Bonar)
  • 2nd place : Murdoch (A. Tilbury & B. Yehuda)

Kyu Teams

  • 1st place : Goshinkai
  • 2nd place : Murdoch (O. O'Brien, J. Askew, A. O'Brien, J. Zhong, N. Chow)

Open Teams

  • 1st place : Goshinkai
  • 2nd place : Murdoch (B. Yehuda, O. O'Brien, A. Tilbury, M. Fenn, N. O'Brien)

Congratulations to all winners, great to see all-Murdoch finalists.

Kata & Komp

Date : Sat 16 Feb, 9am - 3pm
Venue : Murdoch University

2013 Murdoch Kata & Komp Winners

Annual Kata & Komp event with Kata Seminar, Kyu Individuals, and Dan Individuals, with the winner of each division fighting for the first place.


  • 1st place (1st in Dan) - B. Yehuda (Murdoch)
  • 2nd place (1st in Kyu) - A. O'Brien (Murdoch)
  • 3rd place (2nd in Dan) - A. Tilbury (Murdoch)
  • 3rd place (2nd in Kyu) - O. O'Brien (Murdoch)

Congratulations to all winners and participants.

Murdoch University Guild Orientation Day

Date : Thursday, 14 February 2013
Venue : Murdoch University Bush Court

Thank you to all club members and friends who helped out with the stall and demonstration for O-Day.

Western Derby

Date : Sunday, 27 January 2013
Venue : Murdoch University

Team Murdoch A consisting of O. O'Brien, M. Askew, M. Fenn, N. Chow, and A. Tilbury managed to secure 1st place in the 5v5 open team competition.

Welcome to 2013

Normal weekly training commenced on 9 January and 12 January.

Wednesdays : 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Saturdays : 9:15am - 11am

2012 Balloon-Geiko

2012 Balloon-Geiko

The end-of-year balloon-geiko was pretty traumatising. Find more photos and videos on the Facebook page.